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    After 5 years as Innkeepers we have grown! Hundreds of guest have rested at our homes along the river. Meeting people is the best part of owning a bed and breakfast. People share their rich stories and become the fabric of our service that we create for you our guest. Each person that stays with us enriches our understanding of what we...

It's been almost 5 years since our family up-rooted from the suburbs of Pittsburgh on a quest. 

Our journey to settle along the Allegheny river in Emlenton, a rural town with historic glory which has struggled as many old industrialized towns. A metamorphosis of change is slowly taking place as this small town is being...

       It's that time of the year.....exciting opportunities for fun along the river and trails of our valley. Guest and locals make time to enjoy the many offerings in recreation, culture and education that are created in the historic Oil Region. 

   The seasons change here in the valley and time slows. This provides great opportunities to pause and make time for special occasions. The valley offers itself to beautiful vistas and host some wonderful recreational opportunities. The trails remain clear and open for biking and walking.

    Summer winds down and leads into Autumn, one door closes and another door opens along the Allegheny. The fall breezes bring a brillant color to the valley. We tend to move a little slower and the seasons clock reminds us of times continued count down.

Summer is alive in many way's. 

                   On this cold gray day along the river the somber rural town of Emlenton may appear to be a little lost after the raging fire that consumed the historic, "Emlenton Mill" and severly damaged, " Amy's Closet" and several other private residences. We found ourselves...

Time slows......the northern wind blows across the Great Lakes and brings winter to our historic town of Emlenton. The nostalgic valley creates a beautiful back drop against the Hemlock covered mountains as the white veil of winter is draped upon the forest. Tiny lights from the homes fill the dark evenings like jewels on the hillsides of the terraced...

     Recently, The Barnard House was awarded funding from The Progress Fund for a wonderful bicycle arbor sign. This cool eclectic sign will create an arbor over the old railroad steps leading down to The Barnard House.Our childhood friend, August Romano created the concept of cutting old bicycles into pieces then utilizing the parts to...

            The cooler breezes that have stayed with us along the Allegheny are creating unique environments. From our porch here at The Barnard House we can watch the Blue Herons and Eagles fish for their daily catch. The high murky water's are a benefit to the fish since it provides a great cover to hide from the...


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