Barnard House Rules

The Barnard House is a guest friendly home but house rules do exist. These rules will be posted within each room and ALL must adhere to these rules or eviction will result with no refund given. Any missing or broken items within our home and the guest rooms will also be charged to the guest credit card accordingly. We thank you for your understanding


  • Quiet time (10pm. – 7 am.) No loud music, TV or loud noises which would disturb our other guest.
  • No pets
  • No open flames-our smoke alarms are hard wired and all smoke alarms in the home will go OFF with candels or smoking- this is for everyone's safety! IF OUR ALARMS ARE DISABLED- guest will be charged replacement and labor.
  • No smoking in the home or on the porches of the home. 
  • Alcohol is permitted. Excessive drinking and intoxication are not.
  • No children under the age of 10. Children must be well behaved and accompanied by a parent at all times.
  • The Barnard House and Grounds are for OUR guest only. You may not have other guest visiting you at our home unless an event has been scheduled and paid for in advance.
  • ALL personal items must remain in quest rooms.
  • Any personal items left behind after guest departs will go to our lost and found box for 6 weeks. We are not responsible for your items. NO items will be mailed.


  • One key will be issued to each room for the front door at the time of check in. Guest are responsible for the return of the key at departure- check out. IF the key is not returned the guest will be charged with key replacement and key service accordingly.
  • ALL rooms sleep only (2) persons.
  • All furniture and décor remain in room and are not permitted to be re arranged.
  • All towels, bedding, pillows and possessions of The Barnard House will be inventoried after each quest stay. If there are missing items your credit card will be charged accordingly.
  • Please be aware that make up and Benzyl peroxide products  and make up destroys our towels and linens.* Please use the white face towels provided.
  • Please keep all wet towels on towel bars or hooks. Do not hang on our furniture or use our towels for outdoor activities. Hot tub towels are provided in Kitchen basket.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the beds. Our mattresses are expensive.


Includes - The Parlor, Study, Eating Room and Kitchen

  • These spaces are for all guests. Please remove all personal items when not in these spaces.
  • Turn off ALL lights and electrical appliances when not in use.
  • All books and reading material should be returned to the area found prior to a guest’s departure.


  • Include – The Laundry- Linen Closet, Closets, Basement, and Pantry.
  • The Kitchen is for the owners use only. No meals or food preparation is to be conducted in this space by guests unless the owners give permission. Guest will be provided an area within the Main refrigerator to store food - NO LARGE AMOUNTS of food or beveage will be tolerated. No other area within the Kitchen is for food storage. No food or food items should be utilized by the guests unless they offered as snacks.
  • Wine glasses and drinking glasses maybe used but returned to the Kitchen area daily. No other utensils or dishes will be used.
  • The Eating Room is for Breakfast only. Guests are not permitted to bring food into the home and use this space unless owners grant permission. Events must be pre planned and paid for in advance.
  • The Laundry Room IS NOT for guest use. Laundry services are available for guest staying for a weeklong visit.


  • These spaces are only for Barnard House guest.
  • No personal items should remain in these areas.
  • No chairs or furniture should be moved or re arranged.
  • All trash should be placed in trash receptacles- WE RECYCLE!!!


Garage is weather resistant and securely locked. Each bicycle should have its own lock. (See owners for storage.)

OUTDOOR RESTROOMS ( coming soon)

  • For guests convenience, the outdoor restroom is unlocked at all times.
  • All personal items should be removed from this space.
  • Towels should be placed in the laundry basket.
  • Towels are only for the Hot Tub and not for the River or personal excursions.


  • Hours are 9am. – 11pm. The Hot Tub will be locked during no use hours for liability purposes.
  • Only Barnard House guest are permitted in the hot tub.
  • Only 5 persons are permitted in the hot tub at one time.
  • No children are permitted in the hot tub without a parent present in the hot tub at all times.
  • No food, beverages or alcohol is permitted in or near the hot tub.
  • Please be courteous and limit your time to an hour.
  • Swim suits must be worn. No nudity will be tolerated.
  • Clean bodies only.
  • No bodily fluids.
  • No oils or bubbles will be added.
  • The Barnard House and the Kentzel Family are not responsible for your safety and welfare while using the hot tub. Be responsible. Be safe.


  • All vehicles’ should be parked in appointed areas taking special caution of available space.
  • Only cars should park on the front street- River Ave. with side mirror facing street turned in.
  • Grass lot adjacent to home is The Barnard House parking area.
  • Additional parking for events is available in the alley behind the home.
  • The Barnard House and The Kentzel Family are not responsible for your vehicles’ welfare.


  • A list of attendees must be presented to owners. Only these persons will be permitted in attendance.
  • We are limited to 50 persons exterior and 30 persons interior for an event.
  • Our home sleeps 10 persons only. All house guest must pay for lodging in the 5 guest rooms.
  • No public intoxication will be tolerated.
  • Exterior functions remain exterior- no food, drink or guest inside.
  • Interior Events- No food or drink should leave the 1st floor.
  • Only Caterers maybe present in Kitchen space.
  • All areas must be clean and free of all evidence an event has occurred.
  • All trash bagged. Recyclables must be separate.

Emlenton Siren:

The Emlenton Fire Department is nationally recognized for its service. The siren is loud since we reside in a rural area. Please be understanding.



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