History of the Barnard Family

The Barnard’s, Samuel Patton Barnard and Minnie Lowall Barnard settled along the Allegheny on May 12, 1885 accompanied by their two oldest children. They lived in a smaller dwelling that is part of the home that is now present at 108 River Avenue. As their financial wealth improved so did the homes size and gradually, the Barnard’s made additions and improvements to their modest home until  it presented itself as a grand home of a working class family. 

Mr. Barnard owned and operated a mercantile store in Emlenton with his loyal and hard working partner, Mr. Grant. The store was a center piece on Main Street and provided the community with wonderful goods from near and far.

The Barnard’s were highly respected members of the Emlenton community, known for their civic duties both for the Borough and their church. Minnie led the call to prohibition and founded church choir.

The family grew to have nine children in total. Sadly, Samuel would not live to meet the two youngest Barnard twins. He contracted Typhoid Fever from a trip to New York City purchasing goods for the store. The grieving family pushed on in life during this tragic time. The adult children aided Minnie and the Barnard’s persevered and continued to contribute to the community for decades to come.

Minnie was a strong educated woman that raised her children in a strict but loving home along the river. Every child was a gifted swimmer having spent many hours playing in the Allegheny next to the home. There was much time spent reading and practicing piano since Minnie was a college graduate with a degree in music education. All nine children went on to attain a college education and many continued to give back to society in business, education and as philanthropist.

The Barnard families imprint is forever left here in Emlenton. The Barnard House holds the historical memorabilia and the story of their presence along the Allegheny River.    


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